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BlinkPay has facilitated over $1 million dollars in deposits to Sharesies since they launched Blink PayNow as a payment option 1 month ago

We are excited that Sharesies customers have jumped onboard and identified Blink PayNow as a safer, more secure payment gateway to enable instant transfers to their Sharesies wallet so that they can invest in real time.

Want to learn more about the Sharesies-BlinkPay partnership journey? Check out this case study, and get in touch if you want to learn more!


About Sharesies

Sharesies is a wealth app supporting financial empowerment and providing a loveable way to invest in New Zealand, the US and Australia. It gives investors access to 8000+ companies and funds across five exchanges, with no minimum investment needed. Since launching in 2017, Sharesies has signed 600,000 investors and has NZ$2B+ funds under management. Sharesies is a B Corporation® based on its commitment to reduce inequality, lower the levels of poverty, create a healthier environment and build stronger communities.

About BlinkPay

Blink Pay Global Group Ltd is a leading NZ Open Banking gateway. It is Māori-owned, managed and funded.

BlinkPay is at the forefront of developing payment services in NZ for Open Banking, which has been adopted in several countries and is delivering innovations in payments and services that utilise customer financial data.

If you'd like to get in touch for a kōrero, please contact us.